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Optimal Performance Unless you live near the equator, the sun does not provide enough UV light to provide adequate Vitamin D levels in the body. With today’s cubicle lifestyle, it’s even more difficult to get adequate Vitamin D. Supplementation of 1,000-2,000IU is required to achieve optimal levels for most people, but it would take over 20 glasses of Vitamin D fortified milk to obtain this level of wellness. Vitamin D should be taken daily, with meals or a source of fat, like fish oil. Some lead nutritionists believe that if there's only one supplement you take for your health, it should probably be Vitamin D. Vitamin D supplementation for sport has had numerous benefits. There is strong correlation between vitamin D sufficiency and optimal muscle function. Increasing levels of vitamin D has been shown to reduce inflammation, pain, and myopathy while increasing muscle protein synthesis, ATP concentration, strength, jump height, jump velocity, jump power, exercise capacity, and physical performance. There is even a link to increased testosterone. Because Vitamin D assists in immune system health, it has an added benefit of aiding athletes whose immune systems are compromised high intensity training. There are even indications that Vitamin D has potential muscular benefits by acting as a hormone and regulating processes within your muscular system and minimizing inflammation. Our Vitamin D3 products are 100% vegan and vegetarian suitable Vitamin D3 products. Offered in a unique spray-bottle delivery, you can take the product by either spraying it directly in your mouth or spraying it on food. Our exclusive VitaShine® VEGAN VITAMIN D3 comes from a special organic plant source called Lichen. This small unique plant species has the ability to grow and accumulate nutrients including vitamin D3! FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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