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Optimal Performance In combat, the requirement to stay awake, alert, and focused is a matter of life and death. And as missions dragged on and fatigue set in, America's warfighters often turned to products high in stimulants to stay in the fight. Some of those products did such a good job at over stimulating the central nervous system and overriding the body's need for sleep that - when a window of opportunity to sleep was provided - the warfighter would be too amped to rest. This would create a vicious and unhealthy cycle of stimulant support. The term nutritional supplement should not apply to any product designed to elicit rage or add dangerous levels of stress to the central nervous system. Nutrition is about health and wellness. Supplements should compliment the body's natural processes and meet the body's needs, not force the body into an adrenaline spiked state. For this reason, we have elected to forgo the term pre-workout in favor of a more accurate depiction of our product. RuckPack's® Powercell is a Performance Fuel. As a performance fuel, RuckPack's® Powercell was designed to provide the mind and body everything it needs to perform at the highest level, for extended periods of time, and at a optimum state of health.  Powercell was designed as a base performance fuel, capable of meeting the needs of all athletes across all sports. Ingredients are well tested, safe, effective, and in effective doses. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, and most represent trademarked or patented science. Ingredients to Perform - ALCAR, A-GPC, & Teacrine®, and Tyrosine provide a potent brain boosting nootropic stack, capable of supporting improved cognitive functioning, memory, mood, motivation, agility during fatigue, and mind muscle communication. - Teacrine® is not just fuel for the brain. Similar in structure to caffeine, this nature identical compound provides a safe, non-habituating, slower burn energy source. - Sustamine® aids in delaying the onset of fatigue and in the absorption of electrolytes. Combined with a complex of Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium, Powercell provides a well rounded electrolyte profile to compliment the benefits of Sustamine. - Citrulline and Arginine boost NO levels in the body and promote cardiovascular health and oxygenation to the muscles. - Setria® Glutathione fights free radicals as the body's "master anti-oxidant" and fortifies the immune system. Combined with Citrulline and Arginine, studies have shown evidence of both NO production and NO retention within the muscles. - Carnosyn® Beta Alanine boosts muscular endurance, increases anaerobic capacity, decreases fatigue, and aids in lean mass gain. - 2.5g of PepForm® Fatigue FighterTM BCAAs boosts protein synthesis, delays fatigue, and enhances immunity. PepForm® BCAAs are up to 4X the more bioavailable than standard BCAAs! - BioEnergy® D-Ribose reduces recovery time and maximizes energy and endurance. - Creatine supports the production of ATP (energy), increases hydration, assists in protein synthesis, boosts strength, decreases fatigue, and aids the brain, bones, muscles, and liver. FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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Silas Feb 2nd 2018


When I first tried this, to be honest As far as I could tell I didn’t help for the first 1-3 days, then OMG it kicked ass, and I think it’s safe to say that I’ll never look for another pre workout supplement. Great work as usual guys.

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