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What Makes RuckPack Different?

What Makes RuckPack Different?

The energy shot and performance supplement markets are overwhelmed with companies looking to make a quick buck off of those searching for help with everyday struggles like energy, stress management, and weight loss. So, what makes RuckPack energy shots any different? A lot. We did not get in the business to make money at all. In fact, our Veteran-owned company began as a solution to our own problems and we knew the success needed to be shared. Join us in today’s post as we point out just a few ways RuckPack Combat Nutrition is different and why that’s better.

Our Product Solved Our Problems

The biggest difference between RuckPack and our competitors is we didn’t set out to create a product that exploited the population’s exhaustion. If there is one thing that we as humans can connect over, it’s that there is never enough time in the day, and time is our most precious commodity. Where life and living take precedence over sleep and rest, this leaves most of us in a permanent state of exhaustion. A simple internet search about the effects of sleep deprivation and exhaustion on the mental state and overall health will reveal terrible results. It is said that getting less than 6 hours at night is equivalent to being under the influence of alcohol in terms of logical reasoning, decision making, and overall mental clarity. Additionally, sustained lack of sleep can result in permanent brain damage.

Made For Combat

Long before we knew these horrifying facts, as Marines in the mountains of Afghanistan, we felt the effects of exhaustion firsthand. In an austere environment under extreme duress, where dropping our guard for even a minute meant certain death for ourselves and those we protected, we needed solutions. Not a sugar rush that made our trigger-fingers jitter or resulted in a coma-inducing crash after a few hours, but real brain nourishment that encouraged focus and clarity. Thus emerged RuckPack energy shots. Real solutions for real problems. It wasn’t until we started seeing the benefits and sharing them with our brothers in arms that we considered sharing our secrets with the world as a business venture.

All-Natural Ingredients

We honor those who take a chance on our product by offering 100% ingredient transparency and only use the highest quality all-natural ingredients. And, why wouldn’t we? In a 3-ounce shot, there is no room for fillers. You won’t find ingredients like corn syrup on our labels — don’t believe us? Check it out, all our labels are available on our product links! What you will find are natural energy-enhancers, mood-boosters, and brain-supporting nutrients like Vitamins B, L-theanine, and natural caffeine derived from green tea.

Long-Term Solutions, Not Short-Term Bandaids

Of course, we support getting the recommended rest your body needs and eating a balanced diet. We are here to help fill in the gaps and support those for whom those things aren’t always possible. The RuckPack difference is that our products are long-term solutions. Like the vitamins you take each day, RuckPack can be used regularly. You won’t find a warning label to limit use, nor will you discover that over time you need more to reach the same effects. There are no addictive substances or gimmicks here, just honest ingredients that support your natural energy and health.

If you are debating whether or not to try our products, we encourage you to try it out — what have you got to lose? Hate commitment or aren’t sure which of our products you’d like to try? We recommend our sample pack  — it has the best of it all! Try each of our energy shots and discover which works best for you. Once you are convinced that our products are all we claim them to be, visit us online to subscribe and save with auto-shipments at a reduced price. Discover the RuckPack difference for yourself today!